Æ - Æ

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Aurelia Shrenker and Eva Salina Primack have been performing together as Æ (pronounced "ash") since 2007. These two young women bring together their deep understanding of different vocal traditions to create something new and daring with each song. They have chosen the name Æ (the joined a and e, officially pronounced "ash") because it represents something of a dual nature — not singular, not plural, but exactly two. They primarily perform a cappella but enjoy accompanying themselves on dulcimer, accordion, and Georgian panduri. Æ's work is rooted in folk culture and never falls short of being visceral and provocative — in their music, the exuberance of youth and the reverence of ancient tradition coincide.

Dearly loved by the Museum family, this Brooklyn, NY-based duo has performed internationally to diverse audiences, and has been a frequent collaborator with the Museum of Jurassic Technology and friends.

14 tracks, 2009.