"Laika" Porcelain Space Dog

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On November 3, 1957, just 30 days after the first ever man-made object entered into earth orbit, the Soviet Union launched a second "artificial moon." Born aloft by a proto-Vostok launch vehicle to an altitude of 934 miles, Sputnik II was not only substantially larger than its predecessor, but also differed in so far as its payload was not just limited to instrumentation and telemetry, but included a living being - the first ever earth-born creature to leave our planet and enter into the cosmic vacuum. This first earth-born creature to leave the earth was, of course, the famed Laika (barker), whose flight commanded the attention of the entire world.

In honor of her extreme sacrifice, we present this hand-painted porcelain likeness.

'Gzhel' ceramics are named for the region near Moscow where artisans have been producing this distinctive style of pottery, traditionally with a blue and white glaze, since the early 19th century. Laika is hand made and signed by Honored Artist of Russia, Y.N. Garanin. Due to the hand made nature of this item, each one is unique. Please note that you will receive a similar but different Laika from the one shown.

Laika is approximately 2.5-inches wide.

Porcelain rocket decanter and Belka and Strelka Porcelain Space Dogs are sold separately.