Science Frontiers II: More Anomalies and Curiosities of Nature

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Compiled by William R. Corliss

The primary intent of this book is entertainment. Do not look for profundities! All I claim here is an edited collection of naturally occurring anomalies and curiosities that I have winnowed mainly from scientific journals and magazines published between 1976 and 1993. With this eclectic sampling I hope to demonstrate that nature is amusing, beguiling, sometimes bizarre, and, most important, liberating. "Liberating?" Yes! If there is anything profound between these covers, it is the influence of anomalies on the stability of stifling scientific paradigms. -- William R. Corliss, from the Preface

This volume is an indexed compilation of issues 87 - 150 of Corliss's newsletter, Science Frontiers. Science Frontiers I is currently not available.


Chapter 1. Archeology: * Ancient Engineering Works * Small Artifacts * Epigraphy and Art * Diffusion and Culture

Chapter 2. Astronomy: * Planets and Moons * Solar System Debris * Stars * Cosmology

Chapter 3. Biology: * Humans * Other Mammals * Birds * Reptiles * Amphibians * Fish * Arthropods * Invertebrates * Plants and Fungi * Microorganisms * Superorganisms * Genetics * Origin of Life * Evolution

Chapter 4. Geology: * Topography * Stratigraphy * Inner Earth * Geological Miscellany

Chapter 5. Geophysics: * Luminous Phenomena * Weather Phenomena * Hydrological Phenomena * Exotic Seismic Signals * Anomalous Sounds * Atmospheric Optics

Chapter 6. Psychology: * Dissociation Phenomena * Hallucinations * Mind-Body Phenomena * Hidden Knowledge * Information Processing * Psychokinesis

Chapter 7. Chemistry, Physics, Math, Esoterica: * Chemistry * Physics * Mathematics * Esoterica

The Sourcebook Project, 2004, softcover, 338 pages, B&W illustrations, 8.5 x 11 inches.