Special Events Archive

Guy Klucevsek<br>{June 8, 2014}
The Glorious Mysteries<br>{March 23, 2014}
Merima Ključo<br>{January 19th, 2014}
Frank Fairfield & Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton<br>{January 5th, 2014}
Harry Taussig<br>{October 27th, 2013}
Janet Klein<br>{September 29th, 2013}
Music from the Armenian Diaspora<br>{July 14th, 2013}
Sevilay Çinar<br>{May 31st, 2013}
Bach Cello Suites<br>{April 27th & 28th, 2013}
Julian Kytasty<br>{March 10th, 2013}
Craig Ventresco<br>{February 24th, 2013}
Sahba Motallebi & Mehdi Bagheri<br>{January 6th, 2013}
Forging music for Columbidae<br>{December 2, 2012}
Mark Trayle<br>{October 21st, 2012}
Sahba Motallebi<br>{April 22, 2012}
Frank Fairfield<br>{February 26, 2012}
Sir Richard Bishop<br>{March 18, 2012}
{January 28th, 2012}<br />Lulu Starr & Josh Petrojvic
{September 27th, 2011}<br>The Quay Brothers: Through the Weeping Glass
{May 28th, 2011}<br>An Evening of Baroque Viola Da Gamba
{April 23rd, 2011}<br>Music from Armenia & the Balkans
{March 27th, 2011}<br>Craig Ventresco
{February 5th, 2011}<br>An Evening of French Baroque and Folk Music
{November 20th, 2010}<br>Frank Fairfield
{May 29th, 2010}<br>The Guitar of Miroslav Tadić
{March 27th, 2010}<br>An Evening of Persian Classical Music
{January 15th, 2010}<br>Cold Genius: The Music of Henry Purcell
{September 26th, 2009}<br>An Evening of Turkish Bağlama
{June 13th, 2009}<br>An Evening of Music and Revelry with Æ and the Petrojvic Blasting Company
{May 21st - 24th, 2009}<br>The Reptile Under the Flowers