Membership Plea 2011

Once there was a village leader who was a just and upright man, yet those who served under him were opposed and made false accusations against him to the King. The King, believing the accusations, dismissed the leader and replaced him with another. The new leader was, however, of evil disposition, and thinking only of himself, oppressed the people of the village.

Through the dark days of oppression, the villagers, talking amongst themselves and remembering brighter times, gathered together, and setting a lighted candle on each of their ten fingers, roamed the streets night after night, peering into the doors and windows.

When the King heard of the villager’s behavior he asked them to explain, to which they replied, “We are looking for brighter times which are lost, but we cannot find them.”

Like the villagers, our seeking is without end and the object of our search ever elusive; yet memory of the light draws us on. Please join with us in our never-ending efforts as we seek, perhaps without understanding that the search itself is creating the very light after which we are seeking.

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