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Biological Anomalies: Birds (A Catalog of Biological Anomalies Series)

Compiled by William R. Corliss

The Catalog of Anomalies is in effect an encyclopedia of the unknown and puzzling that is based primarily upon recognized scientific research. The Catalogs, Sourcebooks, and Handbooks published by The Sourcebook Project are compiled from 40,000 articles from the scientific literature, the results of a 25-year search through more than 12,000 volumes of scientific journals, including the complete files of Nature, Science, Icarus, Weather, etc. It is the only organized, indexed, unsensationalized collection of difficult-to-explain phenomena.

This volume, from the series focusing on biological anomalies, examines birds.

Typical subjects covered:

Asymmetric birds * Wing claw and spurs * Inherited callosities * Unrelated birds that look alike * Enigmas of avian instincts * The intelligence of birds * An avian aesthetic sense? * Birds that roost upside down * The insidious nature of brood parasitism * Avian battles, courts, funerals * Unsolved mysteries of migration * Poisonous birds * The unique avian respiratory system * The two-voice phenomenon * Echolocation in birds

Uses for the catalogs and handbooks:

(l) Librarians will find these books to be unique collections of source materials and bibliographies; (2) Scientists will find research ideas as well as unexpected observations and many references; (3) Students can use these books to select and develop research papers and theses; (4) The science-oriented layman will find thousands of those mysteries of nature that make science exciting.

The Sourcebook Project, 1998, hardcover, 486 pages, B&W illustrations.

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