'Mr. Somebody' Medieval Cathedral Carving

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This piece is one from a pair of carvings (c. 1490 – 1495) depicting mythical creatures known as a Blemmyae, found on a misericord in the choir stalls of Ripon Cathedral. This example depicts the classical image of a Blemmyae, that being a headless body with the face on their chest. It was thought that these 8-foot tall creatures lived in what is now modern day Libya & Tunisia. Despite their curious stature, they are rarely shown as evil or bad creatures. This unique pair from Ripon is carved in a very friendly and approachable manner and both are wearing shoes showing a hint of civilization and taste. Blemmyae were popular depictions in medieval bestiaries.

This ornate reproduction is hand-crafted to the highest standards by Oakapple Designs Ltd, a company specialized in reproducing medieval carvings using molds taken directly from original carvings found within the cathedrals and abbeys of the United Kingdom. Each piece is cast in resin and then stained to create a virtually indistinguishable copy. The original carving was made in wood, but it is presented here with a 'stone' finish.