Secrets of the Invisible World Disclos'd

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By Daniel Defoe

Now available in an elegant facsimile edition, limited to three hundred numbered copies, this book completes the ideas in Defoe’s earlier History of the Devil and A System of Magick, and is a mixture of the author's odd notions about the afterlife and many "true life" ghost stories in the manner of "The Apparition of Mrs. Veal".

The good Spirits, 'tis certain, will do no harm; it is by their general appearing for good, that we determine them to be good Spirits; and that kind of Judgment is certainly very just; but if the evil Spirits, which do appear, do no harm neither, it 'tis because they are under some extraordinary restraint of Divine Power; so that tho' they may come about in the Air, they are not suffer'd to do any considerable Mischief in the World." (p. 199)

Svantovit Press, 1999 reprint of 1729 edition, clothbound in midnight blue with clear protective sleeve, 418 pages.