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The affairs of the Museum of Jurassic Technology Gift Shop are conducted under the careful supervision of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Information, as well as the trustees of the Museum itself. Every publication and commemorative object is chosen for its potential to further the Museum's greater mandate of leading the learner "... from familiar objects toward the unfamiliar, guided along as it were, a chain of flowers, into the mysteries of life."

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Soviet Space Dogs
"Dogs of the Soviet Space Program" Commemorative Glass Locket
Protective Auditory Mimicry Earrings
Sunprint Kit

Sunprint Kit


The Museum of Jurassic Technology Jubilee Catalogue
Museum of Jurassic Technology View-Master Set
A Gift Visit to the Museum of Jurassic Technology
Mechanical Music Box Set

Mechanical Music Box Set

$5.00 - $22.95

Deprong Mori T-shirt
'The Planet Jupiter'<br />Note Card
The Common Task (Obshee Delo) DVD
Selected Works of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky