Special Events

{January 5th, 2020} The Cory Beers Cimbalom Ensemble
{November 24th, 2019} Memoria Technica
{October 27th, 2019} Sarah Davachi Plays the Story & Clark
{September 29th, 2019} Music for a Medieval Bestiary
{August 18th, 2019} Jessika Kenney and Eyvind Kang
{May 26th, 2019} Armenian Songs Inspired by Nature
{February 24th, 2019} Frank Fairfield Temple Street Quartet
{January 13th, 2019} Carolina Eyck
{November 18th, 2018} A Hawk and a Hacksaw
{September 23rd, 2018} Julian Kytasty
{August 26th, 2018} Musical Deaths through the Ages
{May 20th, 2018} Argenta Walther, Cory Beers, & Karina Kallas
{April 15th, 2018} Pathopoeia
{March 18th, 2018} Dveykus Niggunim
{February 11th, 2018} Taraf de Akácfa
{January 14th, 2018} Music of Armenia & Neighboring Cultures
{October 22nd, 2017} Sarah Davachi
{September 10th, 2017} Les plaisirs champêtres
{July 9th, 2017} Eva Salina & Peter Stan
{June 18th, 2017} Frank Fairfield String Band
{May 28th, 2017} Classical Music from Iran
{April 9th, 2017} L'Infidele: une fantaisie française
{March 26th, 2017} Jewish Music from Romania and Moldova
{February 12, 2017} Trio Sopeli
{January 22, 2017} The Reader's Chorus
Craig Ventresco<br>{November 20, 2016}
The Cory Beers Cimbalom Band<br>{October 30th, 2016}



Eva Salina & Peter Stan<br>{July 24th, 2016}
Daniel Bachman<br>{May 15th, 2016}
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