Miniature Bestiary Suprise Bag

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Be the keeper of your own personal bestiary. Popular since antiquity, bestiaries are compilations that seek to catalogue all known (and some unknown) animals, plants, and minerals. Though they typically take the form of richly illustrated manuscripts, we offer another model here in the form of collectible, tiny, molded soft plastic creatures, each approximately the size of a nickel, which come ready to travel in a cotton drawstring bag commemorating the Museum’s “Fauna of Mirrors” exhibit on medieval bestiaries.

Beasts may include land and sea mammals, birds, reptiles, invertebrates, insects, and mythical creatures. They make excellent talismans, diorama props, and playthings - though due to their small size are not intended for children under 3 years.

Please note that you will receive a selection that may or may not include some of the creatures shown in the product image - we choose the beasts for you. We regret that we are unable to honor specific requests for creatures, but much like the original bestiaries, our selections strive for variety and amazement.

The Build-A-Bestiary Starter Kit comes with a total of six (6) beasts in a commemorative cloth bag. Extra beasts may be added for an additional charge. No repeats will be found in a single order (up to 25 beasts).

A Note About Our Commemorative Products: This item is produced by and for the Museum only, and is made under its direct and careful supervision. The quality of Museum reproduction and adaptations is an overriding concern. Proceeds, as always, are used entirely in support of the Museum and its programs.