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Admission Ticket / Guest Pass
A Gift Visit to the Museum of Jurassic Technology
Museum of Jurassic Technology Gift Certificate
Museum of Jurassic Technology View-Master Set
Museum of Jurassic Technology Foundation Collection Postcard Set
Museum of Jurassic Technology T-Shirt
Museum of Jurassic Technology Tote Bag
Geoffrey Sonnabend: Obliscence, Theories of Forgetting and the Problem of Matter
Geoffrey Sonnabend: Obliscence T-shirt
Marcel Proust "Dispirited..." T-Shirt
Bernard Maston, Donald R. Griffith and the Deprong Mori of the Tripiscum Plateau
Deprong Mori T-shirt
Deprong Mori Laser Crystal Cube
"Mary Davis of Saughall" Bowl
Fruit Stone Carving Pendant Necklace
No One May Ever Have The Same Knowledge Again: Letters to Mount Wilson Observatory 1915-1935
"Letters to Mount Wilson" T-shirt
The Eye Of The Needle: The Unique World of Microminiatures of Hagop Sandaldjian
"Eye of the Needle" Commemorative Plate
"The Micromosaics of Harold Dalton" View-Master Reels
"Garden of Eden on Wheels" View-Master Reel
Tell the Bees… Belief, Knowledge, and Hypersymbolic Cognition
"Tell the Bees..." T-Shirt
"Tell the Bees..." Phantogram Set
Bee Charm Necklace

Bee Charm Necklace

$25.00 - $38.00

Lodestone at the Heart of the Kircherianum
Bell Wheel Bracelet
"The Stereo Floral Radiography of Al Richards" View-Master Reels
Al Richards Memorial Bookmark
"Dogs of the Soviet Space Program" T-Shirt