The Street of Crocodiles

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By Bruno Schulz

The marvellous fictional concoctions of Bruno Schulz can be described in his own words: "The existence of this book is a pledge that the tangled, mute masses of things unformulated within us may yet emerge to the surface miraculously distilled."

"As you will no doubt know," said my father, "in old apartments there are rooms which are sometimes forgotten. Unvisited for months on end, they wilt neglected between the old walls and it happens that they close in on themselves, become overgrown with bricks, and, lost once and for all to our memory, forfeit their only claim to existence. The doors, leading to them from some backstairs landing, have been overlooked by people living in the apartment for so long that they merge with the wall, grow into it, and all trace of them is obliterated in a complicated design of lines and cracks." (p. 67)

Penguin Books, 1992, softcover, 160 pages.