Plaster Plaques: Night and Day

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Hand cast from original carvings by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (c. 1770-1874), the reliefs 'Night and Day' represent the two halves of a day, and together symbolize the wholeness of a day.

Night personified floats passively over the sky. Her eyes are closed as are the eyes of the children in her embrace. Her hair is braided with poppies, for their sleep-inducing capacities, known since Antiquity.

Day personified flies actively across the sky with her head held high. She looks over her shoulder and fixes her gaze on the small torch-bearing boy here proudly symbolizing the light and the sun.

These beautiful plaques are produced by a workshop in Bath, England and each piece is hand cast and finished by a team of craftsmen using traditional methods and the finest British Gypsum plaster.