Alice in Wonderland - Russian Translation

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By Lewis Carroll, Translated into Russian by Vladimir Nabokov

The translation of Alice in Wonderland has always presented a special problem. The narrative excitement of the child's book and the logical sense and nonsense of the adult's plus the flavor of the English puns and parodies must all be preserved. Known for his own lucid prose style and clever use of puns, Nabokov's version is not only accurate and faithful in the passages that allow for straight translation, buy also delightfully imaginative wherever the English text features a pun, parody, or other linguistic idiosyncrasy. First published in 1923 under the pseudonym "V. Sirin", this translation was Nabokov's first full-length translation and his first substantial publication of any kind.

Dover Publications, Unabridged republication of the original (1923) edition, softcover, 115 pages.