The Great Soviet Eclipse (Bol’shoe Sovietskaia Zatmenie) DVD

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The summer of 1936 witnessed among the most spectacular solar eclipses of the 20th century, with the path of totality passing across the whole of the Soviet Union. That same summer, 20 kilometers south of Leningrad, at Pulkovo Observatory, among the darkest purges of Stalin’s terror passed through the one-time “astronomical capital of the world”, leading to the demise of thirteen of the Soviet Union’s most gifted astronomers.

This film is the third in the Chain of Flowers series, produced exclusively for the Museum's Borzoi Kabinet Theater.

КАБИНЕТ — S.F.D.U.I. / Color / 63 minutes / Russian and English with English subtitles / 16:9 / NTSC / 2008

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