Lema Lema - Eva Salina

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Eva Salina Primack ranks among today’s preeminent interpreters of Balkan vocal music in the U.S.. Beginning her training at the tender age of seven, Eva continues to extend her honeyed voice across hymnal and bucolic spheres. Her singing barters for mournful spirits from the Caucasus to Appalachia to feed its rooted yet innovative sound.

Singing primarily through the traditions of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and the Romani people, Eva has also studied Georgian, Corsican, Traditional American, and Ukrainian singing.  Her voice will be particularly familiar to regular visitors to the Museum as Eva has contributed vocals to the soundtracks of two of the of the films that play in the Museum's Borzoi Kabinet Theater.  She has also performed at several very fondly remembered Museum concerts as part of the duo Æ.

This album includes ten tracks of traditional Bulgarian, Balkan Romani, and Greek songs, arranged and performed by Eva Salina on voice and accordion.

10 tracks, 2016.