The Common Task (Obshee Delo) DVD

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This resurrection of all mankind back to the first of our kind consitutes what Fedorov came to call "The Common Task" - a task which, according to Fedorov's plan, will best be realized at and through the Museum. For the Museum with its archives of the deeds and creations of our fathers and its closeness to both the Observatories of the Heavens and the Church of God of the fathers is the ideal place for this our common task of resurrection of all who have ever lived.

Interwoven tales of an impoverished yet influential philosopher-librarian, Nikolai Fedorov, the accomplishments and tribulations of Russia’s historic Pulkovo Observatory, and the life and work of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, whose inspired vision of human travel and habitation changed the course of humanity. DVD comes with an informative booklet in Russian and English, and full-color trading cards with images from the film.

This film is the second in the Chain of Flowers series, produced exclusively for the Museum's Borzoi Kabinet Theater.

КАБИНЕТ — S.F.D.U.I. / Color / 58 minutes / Russian and English with English subtitles / 16:9 / NTSC / 2004

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