"The Stereo Floral Radiography of Al Richards" View-Master Reels

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The Museum of Jurassic Technology is pleased to present, in three-dimensions, this exhibition from our permanent collection. Each interchangeable reel contains 7 stereoscopic paired views illustrating the floral radiographs of Al Richards. Radiography, whether industrial, dental or floral, is the process whereby an object is exposed to x-rays, and its image is cast upon a sheet of x-ray film. These delicate images, revealing such unexpectedly complex internal architecture and graceful geometries, may remind us of nebula clusters or jellyfish or gothic cathedrals or even our own illuminated tissues. The reels come with a printed synopsis of the exhibit in the form of an accompanying booklet (3.75 x 3.75-inches). Two View-Master reels with 11-page illustrated booklet.

Viewer sold separately. Also available as part of a boxed set.

More information on this exhibit from the Museum's collection can be found here.

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